Elevating an Insurance Website to Momentous Levels

Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc.


As a top-50 nationally ranked, privately owned full-service insurance brokerage serving the highest caliber of clientele, Momentous Insurance is known for providing some of the very best customer service in the industry. As they like to say, their team sets them apart from the competition. Unfortunately, it was not the same case with their website; their website was a major pain point with confusing navigation, difficult-to-find information, and was a challenge to keep updated.

With an antiquated design and a confusing layout,
Momentous was falling behind their competitors online.
They urgently needed a new look and feel to show
their leadership in the insurance industry.

Momentous Insurance Brokerage Discovery Image
Momentous Insurance Brokerage UX Startegy Image
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Momentous Insurance Brokerage Webdesign Test & Launch Image

Using responsive design, elegant images, and malleable
code structures, we elevated Momentous Insurance’s website to
match the prestige and quality of their brand.


Since completing the redesign, Momentous has received immense praise regarding on their new site both internally and externally. With an elegant site that is substantially easier to navigate than their old site, Momentous has surpassed their competition and cemented their leadership as a premier high-end insurance brokerage.

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