Freshly Groomed Website For a Veterinarian Clinic

Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology Website Redesign


Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is an independent veterinary clinic that helps pet owners find flea and tick control, allergy management, auto-immune disease treatment, and middle ear disease treatment for their beloved sidekicks. When they came to us, they had an old website that was unattractive and difficult to navigate. They dreamed of having a website that embodied a warm and welcoming community (rather than a cold veterinary clinic) that gave visitors easy access to help for their pets.

We listened to their requests and created a one page, easy-to-navigate website with intuitive features. While scrolling down the page, visitors can interact with a Q&A section that helps diagnose the problems their pets may be having, giving visitors an idea of the issue their pet is experiencing before scheduling an appointment.

Scrolling further down the page, visitors can discover more about the people who work at Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology. This section gives visitors the chance to “get to know” the people working at the clinic, making them feel more like family and less like a foe.

As the main conversion point on the website, visitors are able to request an appointment for their pet. This appointment setter is integrated with Vetter, and allows visitors to request to drop off their pet for a procedure, schedule an appointment, schedule a follow-up, or anything else that they may need for their pet.

At the very bottom of the page, visitors are able to see important contact information, including the clinic’s hours of operation, their location, and a contact form. The result of our engagement with Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is a user-friendly, simple-to-navigate website that makes it easy for visitors to get to know the staff better and schedule an appointment for their pet.

With an approachable, community-friendly website, Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is positioned to show visitors that seeking expertise for your pet does not need to be complicated or intimidating.

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