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As one of the leading beauty branding agencies, we take pride in swishing our magical wand of digital expertise to transform a beauty brand’s online presence in such a way that their website artfully reflects their bewitching and glorious aesthetics.

In the new era of Instagram and Youtube, the obsession with dazzling filters and aspiring to have an effervescent look all the time has led to the rise of many wonderful cosmetic and beauty brands. Beauty influencers are making a lot of splash with their million views and associating with different cosmetic brands.

But for that to happen, a beauty brand has to be visible and attract its audience in an assimilated and organic manner. That is where we as a web development and beauty branding agency come into the picture. Our goal is to bring forth the same vibrancy and panache these brands are well-known for, to their website and social media platforms.

Today, websites and digital media properties of Facebook, Instagram, and more are the backbone of a company or brand’s identity. They are the representation of what the brand stands for, they reinstate trust in the brand and become a medium of e-commerce and positive feedback from the customers.

Our team’s innate knowledge of global trends, technical know-how, and online marketing strategies set us apart. Our extensive work on beauty brands is a testimonial of these qualities. From Physicians Formula to Merle Norman - we’ve used our beauty and cosmetic marketing expertise to build beauty brands into the hottest online beauty products.



We have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. Every project is customized for optimum visibility and audience response.


Case Study

See how SPINX have helped their Beauty Brand clients achieve tremendous business growth.


At SPINX Digital, our goal is to take your valuable feedback on what you expect from your website and leverage that information into the process. We have worked on tons of beauty brands across the country and our goal has always been to capture the essence of the identity of the brand and make a beautiful, sophisticated and long-lasting digital product out of it. Splat is one of them. Splat has been making young girls look effervescent for 27 years but the website had a different story. Read more.

Is your Beauty & Skincare Brand facing Marketing Challenges?


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Beauty Brands, Marketing and Everything in Between The glitzy and glamorous world of Cosmetics, Skincare, and Beauty Products thrive on the customer’s personal buying experience in the shop/online platform, the service the company provides in the form of Skincare guides, tutorials, and special offers that are enticing.

We will provide you with a customized 360-degree marketing strategy and web development services that will help your brand take the center stage.

We are innovators in creative digital marketing & web design in Los Angeles. We don’t play any guessing games, but seek the facts from a range of analytics to help you get the edge.


Re-discovering the Enterprise

KPIs are the building blocks of any money-making enterprise. Our team of marketing connoisseurs and web development mavens knows how crucial it is to address the unique requirements of beauty companies and make their USPs shine. We achieve this with extensive research on consumer behavior, recognizing the needs of the brand’s target audience, campaign strategies and timelines, KPI structures and audits on analytics. Rediscover your brand’s real potential and choose our beauty marketing agency to make a splash in the industry.

SPINX Strategy

SPINX Strategy

All our Skincare marketing strategies focus on boosting your brand identity and uniqueness through your website. Our tailor-made process starts with identifying your requirements, working on the design and content, executing apt marketing strategies, optimizing your website with the help of SEO, and getting it ready for the market.


Experience Creativity

The Cosmetic and skincare industry relies a lot on upcoming trends and a lifestyle that is bewitching to a T. But if your brand doesn’t reflect these practices then enticing the audiences would be a tough nut to crack. Our highly skilled creative and design team will make sure that your brand stands tall and grabs the eyeballs appropriately.

Website Design And Development

Web Design & Development for Brands

The first thing that helps you build trust in your customers is your website. A well-defined, aesthetically pleasing, and a fully-functioning website will uplift your brand presence and engrave the name of your brand in the hearts of your audiences forever. Our skilled team of web designers and web developers will help you achieve exactly the same

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies for Beauty Brands

The goal of our beauty branding agency is to see a positive increase in your revenue generation and sales once we plan a clean and research-oriented digital marketing strategy. Optimization of all your digital platforms is the key and on top of our priority list.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Solutions & Strategies

Once you have a distinguished website that speaks volumes of what your brand represents, it is important to optimize your website on all the search engines so that your beauty brand’s visibility increases threefold. The biggest takeaway from Search Engine Optimization is when your brand reaches the right kind of audience and converts the potential of your brand drastically. Competing against different brands and coming out victorious is key. Our SEO savvy team understands that and leverages these key factors to get you a triumphant result.

Paid Search

Paid Search Strategies

Internet marketing is a goldmine of ideas and making your brand stand out takes a lot of different strategies. This is where Pay Per Click or PPC works like a charm. It is a marketing model for the internet where the content creator (mostly google) gets paid every time there is a click on the ad. We want your customers to land on your page with the help of Google ads and improve your conversion rates. PPC is the cornerstone of beauty brand marketing so incorporating it for your growth becomes crucial.

Social Media

Impact of our Marketing Strategies for Social Media

The biggest flag-bearers of instant recognition in the digital world are using personalized market strategies to create a lasting impact on your customers with the help of all the popular social media platforms. Be it Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, and any other competitive social media platform, we will build your online presence efficiently. The goal is to get engagement, user-generated feedback and produce content regularly. Influencer marketing is one of them. The idea is to advertise, engage, deliver and repeat.

You have to help your audience associate your products with style, comfort, and impeccable quality for brand recall. Our team of digital marketing geniuses will help you achieve just that and more.

Content Marketing

Tailor-Made Content Marketing Strategies

Our content and copy experts weave magic with their words and give identity to your brand. The key focus is to provide you with excellent content marketing strategies and deliver good quality content that wins the hearts of your customers and builds a long-lasting bond. Content that drives traffic to your business and get you desirable conversion rates!

Email Marketing

Tailor-Made Email Marketing Strategies

B2B and B2C thrive on email marketing. The beauty industry especially cannot do without this service. The offers, referral codes, and all other exciting propositions go through emails and entice the audiences towards online or in-store shopping. This is one of the most personalized tools of marketing and we are here to make it easy for you.

Digital Newsletters

Customized Digital Newsletters

Newsletters increase the chances of purchase due to all the information they disseminate about the brand. Especially in the beauty industry, newsletters play a huge role in bringing the customers to the door Our team of highly equipped content creators, graphic designers and web developers will come up with vibrant and interactive newsletter designs to leave a mark on your audience.

Our Technology

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How We Do It



You & SPINX & the Audience

We believe the most effective connections are emotional. People know it when they feel it.

Our interactive web design agency in Los Angeles helps you connect with your audience in exciting and engaging ways. We focus on your success by defining your needs and achieving your goals.



Intelligence & Experience

Our professional Los Angeles web design team collaborates to develop the best strategies and inspired solutions for your brand.

We leverage intelligence and technology as we create great experiences. Just like every brand is unique, every digital initiative needs to be a customized approach.



The Past & the Future

What matters to us is not just what we’ve done in the past, but what we’ll be doing next. We believe in looking towards the future with our clients.

Our creative digital agency in Los Angeles creates engaging and intuitive website designs to establish your online presence. We’ve found brands are like people; they need to breathe, grow and evolve.


Our team of website experts will handle the entire development lifecycle of your project, from your website idea to the web development services needed to the publishing. Our website development cycle consists of the steps below:




The first phase of a good web development project is Discovery. In short, it’s the process of learning. SPINX needs to learn as much as we can about you, your organization’s goals and users, and the required features and functionality of the site. With all this information in hand, we begin to lay the foundation for an optimal website. The Discovery phase will begin with information gathering. Conversations between our Project Management, User Experience and Development teams, and key stakeholders at your end, will further define the goals of the new website, determine the key user personas, and detail the desired functionality for the finished product.

Detailed insights for the discovery process will be further shared upon engagement.

Discovery image
2. Architecture

Strategic Architecture (User Experience & Information Architecture)

SPINX will use findings from the Discovery phase as the basis for strategy and suggestions for the site design. In this phase, we will make recommendations for the user experience and information architecture including a site map, core features and functionality, and how to display content in a way that is intuitive, engaging and achieves objectives.

Detailed insights for the Strategic Architecture process will be further shared upon engagement.

Strategic Architecture image
3. UI Design

Creative / UI Design

In the third phase, the creative process will begin with a couple designs for a home page. We find that basic restraints in terms of color or typography give us the freedom to be very creative with background elements, imagery, spacing between page elements, and animations to help determine the desired look and feel for the website. Once the home page has been approved and the overarching look of the site is locked in, we will then design the remaining pages required for the site.

Detailed insights for the UI Design process will be further shared upon engagement.

UI Design Image
4. Programming


SPINX will mark-up the approved creatives to HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, Angular/ React, among with a suitable programming language and test all code in the latest version of designated browsers.

Detailed insights for the Programming process will be further shared upon engagement.

UI Design Image
5. Quality Control

Accuracy Evaluation / Quality Control

Phase 5, one of the most critical steps, is where SPINX reviews all facets of the site prior to pushing it live. This includes review of all functionality and content. Reviewing all content to make sure all expectations have been met. modern tools for testing. After a thorough QA process, client is trained on the backend system and will have the opportunity to review and submit any bugs found during their QA process on a platform that is very easy to use tracking system.

You will have complete insight into what bugs are being worked on, what are pending, which ones are ready to reviewed by your team and upon successful completion they can be moved into the completed bin.

Detailed insights for the Quality Control process will be further shared upon engagement.

Programming Image
6. Launch & GTM Strategy

Launch & Go-to-market Strategy

With a launch plan in place, the final phase of the project is to launch the website publicly.

This includes reviewing all files and confirming one last time that all content is viewable, accurate and functional as it was on the development server.

Detailed insights for the Launch process will be further shared upon engagement.

Quality Control Image

Crafting Beauty Brand Websites Across The Globe



We are SPINX Digital in Los Angeles and as innovators in creative website design & digital marketing, we build AWESOME digital masterpieces. Take a sneak peek at our team, offices, culture, philosophy and beliefs.


SPINX - Digital Agency Los Angeles


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Our Agency Values


Unique Vision


Growing Digital Agency


Amazing Web Design Team


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Better online visibility on the Internet

Why SPINX Digital is the top rated Beauty Brand Marketing agency?

Your brand’s time to rise and shine

There are dozens of beauty brands out there that want to make it big but we will help you stand out from the crowd and shine like an effervescent star with our experience of 16+ years in digital marketing and web development.

State-of-the-art web development services

Our team of digital and content experts are well-versed with all the latest trends and will incorporate these industrial practices in your website to make the most visited platform by your target audience.

Creativity that stands apart

The beauty industry is all about the look and the more elegant and beautiful the design, the more it aligns to the identity of the brand and attracts more customers. Our creative team in beauty marketing will help you dazzle in the cosmetic industry.

Be visible on Google’s TOP page

In the race of beauty brands, the only thing that matters the most is getting listed on the first page of Google. Nobody checks the second page and with our SEO and marketing expertise, your page will get featured on the very first page and get a lot of clicks and hits.

High Conversion Rates

The goal of digital marketing and web development is to eventually generate revenue and earn good profits. Our skilled team understands that and will personalize your website and social media pages in such a way that you achieve high conversion rates and increase your top line.

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