Are Instagram Reels the next big thing in Marketing?

If you like spending your time on social media, you have likely heard of Instagram Reels. They have taken the digital world by storm. So much so that the best digital marketing agencies have sat up and taken notice!

Are Instagram Reels the next big thing in Marketing?

Here’s a summary of the key points

  1. What are Instagram Reels?
  2. Main features
  3. How will Reels enhance your marketing efforts?
  4. Unique ways you can use Reels


What are Instagram Reels?

Launched in 2020, Reels is a new way for social media users to create and discover short-format videos on Instagram. It has caught the attention of creative agencies for a number of reasons. It is snackable, quick content that engages the attention span, shows up in the trending section of people who do not follow your brand, and can be created with relative ease.

Instagram Reels

A few features of Instagram Reels are:

  • You can record and edit clips of 15 to 30 seconds, adding audio, effects, and creative tools you desire.
  • You can share Reels with anybody on Instagram.
  • You can share Reels straight to your feed.
  • You can also share Reels on a wider ‘Explore’ community if you have a public page. It will get your Reel to reach a wider audience.

You might be wondering why this feels familiar. If this has been done before. Well, to answer your question, you have to think of another popular application. Tik Tok.

While both platforms can seem identical, four main features set Reels and Tik Tok apart:

  1. Duration: On Tik Tok, videos can be recorded for up to 60 seconds. On Reels, video duration is limited to 30 seconds.
  2. Audience: Tik Tok has a younger audience belonging to Gen Z (born between 1995 – 2010). Reels have a more mature audience, with users ranging between 18 to 34 years of age.
  3. Audio: On Tik Tok, both personal accounts and business accounts have access to the vast music library. Reels does not provide access to the music library to all of its business accounts.
  4. Logarithm: Tik Tok’s logarithm is affected by three primary things. The information about the video, the settings of the account, and the pages and people the user interacts with. Reels has not come out with a statement about how its logarithm works or how featured Reels are selected yet.

With Reels being a recent entrant in the market, it is yet to match the logarithm, features, and user-friendliness of Tik Tok. However, you must note that it is relatively recent to enter the market. In the months ahead, you can expect them to release and roll out more features, leading to a rise in popularity.

So, if you and your business want to target a different demographic or even build and grow your Chrome Extension For Instagram account, Reels is the way to go. It can be an essential tool for your Instagram marketing strategy.

So the question is-

How will Reels enhance your marketing efforts?

You might be wondering how 30 seconds of video will have a significant impact on your Instagram marketing strategy. These are some of its multiple benefits with Reels-

Benefits of Instagram Reels

1. You can educate your audience

If there is an announcement you want to make, such as the launch of a new product or service, you should use Reels to spread your message. The advantage Reels presents is that it can reach a wide and untapped audience, especially if it makes it to the explore section.

2. You can show your audience who you are

Reels enable you to be authentic and speak to users one on one. With this authenticity, you can soon build a reliable community that can count on you, to be honest with them. You can also use Reels to highlight how you stand out from your competitors. Since Reels is relatively new, you could even be the first from your industry to leverage it for marketing. Use it to create a buzz and grab the user’s attention.

3. You can show them a more personal side

Since brands put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of their Instagram feed, they might not post behind-the-scenes content on Instagram. Content that gives users a sneak peek into their lives. Reels, however, enable you to be real. Instagram has a separate tab for Reels, which allows you to post content without messing with your feed. So, you can post behind-the-scenes content that directly speaks to consumers.

4. You can establish yourself as an industry leader

Yes, this is possible even on Instagram. All you have to do is share knowledge about your domain or industry. Make short videos with tips and tricks for users to follow. In a short, engaging 15 to 30-second video, make sure the tips and tricks are fun, quick, and implementable.

5. You can showcase your products

That too, without being salesy. All you need to do is follow the latest trend. And subtly insert your product in it. For example, if you are a shoe brand, wear shoes from your latest collection while doing the latest dance trend. Make sure to give a product description in the caption to ensure you also reach your marketing goals.

Now that you know about unique ways you can use Reels to further your marketing strategy.

Now that you know about unique ways you can use Reels to further your marketing strategy, here is a…

Simple Guide to get started on Your Reels Journey

  • Choose Reels at the bottom of the camera on Instagram.
  • Browse through various creation and editing tools:
    • Audio: To look for a song from the music library. You can also record your original audio. Original audio will be credited to your account. People can also use your audio, with due credit, if your account is public.
    • AR Effects: Add some creative effects to your Reels to make them stand out.
    • Timer: You can set the timer to record clips without using your hands. You can also pre-decide the duration of the clip you’re recording. If you choose a duration beforehand, a three-second countdown will appear on the screen before your recording begins.
    • Align: Once the video is recorded, you can align clips to ensure a seamless transition in your final Reel.
    • Speed: You can increase or decrease the audio or video speed as per your editing requirements.
    • Use design, stickers, and text to spruce up your Reels.
  • Once the Reel is recorded and ready to go, you need to share it with the rest of the world.
    • Move the ready Reel to the share screen.
    • Save the draft of your Reel.
    • Change its cover image.
    • Add captions and hashtags.
    • Tag friends.
    • As a public account, you can share the Reel to Explore. In Explore, your Reel can be seen by a much larger Instagram community. You can also post the Reel to your feed.
    • By using effects, songs, and hashtags, your Reel can also show up on pages if the particular effect, song, or hashtag is clicked.
    • As a private account, people cannot share your original audio. They also cannot share your Reels with accounts that don’t follow you.
  • Instagram also features Reels to help users discover entertaining and inspiring content. If your reel is featured on Instagram, you will receive a notification. The Reel will also be labeled as featured.

Now that you know why and how to use Reels for your marketing goals, let us answer the original question raised. Are Reels the next big thing in Marketing? Yes, Instagram Reels can be the next big thing in marketing. What will determine its success is how you and your brand use it to your advantage. To try out Reels in a manner that can boost your marketing efforts, it is wise to hire branding agencies that will know how to tailor-fit your content into 30 engaging seconds with the end customer. So, what are you waiting for? Create that reel and watch your content go viral.

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