Common Web Development Languages, What They Do and Why You Need Them

For people who aren’t tech-savvy, working with a web designer or developer can be tricky. They use phrases like CSS, HTML, and Java, which might mean little to you as a business owner. These phrases refer to the languages web developers use to write code and create an appealing design. Most business owners don’t need to understand the nuts and bolts of web design, but it can help to know the basics before beginning a conversation about changing your web design or implanting a new one. This idea is good for everyone, from business leaders who don't know a thing about web programming to IT recruiters looking to hire developers online.

Common Web Development Languages, What They Do and Why You Need Them

Common Web Development Languages

Why Is a Basic Understanding Important?

You don’t need to know how to code to know your website is a crucial component of your business and marketing strategies.

By understanding a few things, however, you may feel like you and your designer can have a coherent conversation – and you can more clearly express your needs.

You may believe you can simply tell a designer want you to want, and poof – like magic – it happens. Sometimes, that is the case, but when things aren’t going so smoothly, it can help to understand why.

Technology keeps marching – as it changes, it helps to know why developers might need to change your site to keep it current. For instance, the most popular technology today is blockchain. So, whether you are considering blockchain software development or integration of this technology to revamp your web design, programming languages will be the basis of everything. And therefore, you must have some idea about them.

Businesses and web developers are always rethinking their design and making changes to keep up with Google updates, trending designs, and more. It is how they make sure that their website redesign services are always the most premium offered in the market.

Most Commonly Used Languages

There is a variety of coding languages developers choose from, and most use the language they are most comfortable with. Their preference is formed over time based on their experience using different languages. Since these languages are going to form an integral part of your website redesign, it is in the best interest of your brand to familiarize yourself with the various languages that are currently ruling the market.

Here are the most common languages and how they are used:


HTML makes up the layout and structure for your website. This language is dynamic and allows you to create a beautiful website using less code , which is why it is highly recommended by various digital marketing Companies across the globe. HTML is used to create a starting point for the website and is what most of your static pages start from. A better way to understand this language is to consider it as the skeleton that is holding your website together.

HTML is not a programming language. But you should consider it as the starting point of web development. HTML is where every budding web developer starts.

What are the features of HTML?

HTML has all the features you want in a web development language.

  • It is a platform-independent web programming language because you can run it on any browser.
  • You can embed any image, video, and audio to the web page.
  • HTML markups all the texts inside the web design code. These markups tell the browser to display texts and multimedia on a web page.
  • HTML defines unique tags to maintain the semantic structure of the web page.

What are the pros of HTML?

HTML, as a language for web development, has many advantages.

  • HTML is used by 94.5% of the websites
  • HTML-based websites run on every browser
  • Simple to learn, use, and launch a website
  • HTML makes a website fast as it is lightweight
  • HTML doesn’t need any software.
  • HTML comes by default in every system
  • The loose syntax makes web programming easier to learn and use
  • HTML is very easy to write

What are the cons of HTML?

  • HTML is a static language
  • You can’t create dynamic output with HTML alone
  • Easy web pages may demand tons of coding
  • HTML has weaker security features

How long does it take to learn HTML?

Expert web developers and programmers recommend practicing HTML for 3-4 hours a day. If you keep up with the routine, you can get the basic gist of HTML in 2 weeks. However, you’ll need to practice on projects to get the hang of it.

Best courses for HTML?

  • Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development
  • Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch
  • Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career

For more courses, check out our web design tutorial blog.

  • Backend Web Development for HTML: Django, Laravel, Flask, etc.
  • Popular websites that use HTML: Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

2. CSS

CSS is the language developers can use to style a website. The style sheet language describes how your website is presented and its layout. CSS is used hand in hand with HTML to add colors, backgrounds, layouts, font sizes, and more. This language is a core technology web developers use to design and build websites.

Like HTML, CSS is not a programming language. Since you’re only determining the style of the webpage you’re developing, it makes sense not to call it a programming language. But it’s a fundamental tech skill you should know to design the website

What are the features of CSS?

CSS is one of the web languages which gives you massive control over web design.

  • CSS helps you control various styles
  • You can customize text color and font size
  • CSS lets you put spaces among paragraphs
  • You have greater control over size and layout
  • You can customize background images and colors more efficiently
  • CSS also allows setting displays for multiple screens and devices
  • CSS also controls HTML documents
  • HTML and XHTML are easy to integrate with CSS

What are the pros of CSS?

CSS, as a web developer’s language, has plenty of benefits. Here’re some you’d want to explore.

  • CSS ensures faster speed for your website
  • It needs less coding for a big effect on the webpage
  • CSS is easy to manage
  • CSS applies consistent styling elements on the web pages
  • It saves a lot of time with short and efficient coding/maintenance
  • CSS gives device compatibility to the website design
  • You can change the position of HTML with CSS

What are the cons of CSS?

  • Different CSS levels create confusion among beginner web developers
  • CSS offers limited security features
  • It demands compatibility testing across all the browsers.
  • Compatibility testing may increase the workload for developers

How long does it take to learn CSS?

An average learner takes about 6 to 8 months of learning to work on CSS projects. It may vary depending on learning speed, degree of discipline, and total hours spent per day.

Best courses for CSS?

  • Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch
  • Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Beginner Web Development
  • HTML & CSS: Build a Dashboard

Check our web designing courses to know more about CSS courses.

  • Backend Web Development for CSS: Java, Ruby, Python, etc.
  • Popular websites that use CSS: Baidu, Google, YouTube, etc.

3. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It is used to develop website content, games, apps, and software. Java is used in the production of most Android apps. Studies have shown over 15 billion devices are using Java in some form or other. Java language is portable and can be run on multiple software platforms.

Web developers use the Java web development language for server-side. You can use Java to create dynamic web pages for user interaction.

What are the features of Java?

Though Java is mainly propagated as an app development programming language, many developers use features of Java for web development as well.

  • Java is an object-oriented web development language
  • Java has secure features
  • You can process your Java code on many processors as it’s architecture-neutral
  • Java is a portable web development language
  • Java is a multithreaded and dynamic web programming language

What are the pros of Java?

There are several advantages of picking Java as your preferred web development language

  • Java is platform-independent
  • Java has many APIs for web development
  • It’s a secure web language
  • Java IDEs make it easier for you to build and publish a website
  • Java makes your website scalable

What are the cons of Java?

  • Java is a high-level language so it requires significant space
  • Java web development codes can get complex and may need many lines of code for a single web page
  • It doesn’t have a native look and feel

How long does it take to learn Java?

You can become a confident Java web developer if you spend 2-3 hours a day repeatedly for about 1-2 years.

Best courses for Java?

  • Java Fundamentals: The Java Language
  • Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners (Udemy)
  • Java Programming: Beginner to Guru (Udemy)

Check more design courses on Java.

  • Backend Web Development for Java: Spring, Grails, Struts
  • Popular websites that use Java: Stackoverflow

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is used in many aspects of web development. Web developers use this language to add interactive elements to their websites. User engagement is important to your business, and your web developer should be incorporating JavaScript elements in your design.

If HTML is the base of web development language, Javascript is the king of web development. It’s the most popular language as it’s practiced by more than 12.4 million people across the globe.

What are the features of Javascript?

The list of 7 vital Javascript features that make it the most used web design programming language.

  • Javascript validates the user input before sending a request to the server.
  • Javascript makes simple and basic calculations that browsers don’t need to. This makes your website quick.
  • It gives more control to the browser than making websites overly dependent on servers.
  • Javascript is platform-independent
  • Javascript handles data and time so coding is much easier
  • You can generate HTML content dynamically with Javascript
  • Javascript detects browsers and OS information for quick and relevant outputs

What are the pros of Javascript?

You’d like to choose Javascript because

  • Javascript speeds your website
  • Javascript is simple and easy to learn
  • All the big tech companies use Javascript so browser incompatibility is not an issue
  • Javascript also works great with other web programming languages
  • Javascript provides a rich interface to the website
  • It is versatile in both front-end and back-end web development
  • Javascript reduces the code length and improves the performance of the website

What are the cons of Javascript?

  • The visible Javascript code makes it susceptible to security concerns
  • You may have to run code on different browsers before going live
  • The debugging functionality in Javascript is not as efficient as c or c++
  • A single line error can stop Javascript rendering

How long does it take to learn Javascript?

You’ll take around 6 to 9 months to get a bit proficient in it. However, you may need years of practice to get the complete hang of it.

Best courses for Javascript?

  • Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners (freeCodeCamp)
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures (freeCodeCamp)
  • Full Stack JavaScript (The Odin Project)

Find more Javascript web development courses on our other resources.

  • Backend Web Development for Javascript: Next.js, MeteorJS, etc.
  • Popular websites that use Javascript: Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

5. Python

Python is one of the easiest languages to use and work with. Python can create a framework for basically any website need. This language uses simple and straightforward syntax, making it easy for web developers to work with and explain to their users. Some familiar sites that are using this language are Pinterest and Instagram.

Web developers looking to have a versatile web development environment using Python. Python uses a huge collection of standard libraries that make the development process hassle-free. Apart from creating websites, developers can also perform site scraping using Python effectively. Its rich libraries simplify this process immensely.

What are the features of Python?

The features of Python make it unique in the web development domain. Here are some of them:

  • Python is an open-source language
  • Python in-built libraries integrate AI in web development
  • It supports strong prototype web building
  • Python is platform-independent
  • Python is a portable language
  • It’s an integrated language

What are the pros of Python?

Python offers web development opportunities that many other web design languages fail to give. Here’re some benefits of using Python as your preferred web development language.

  • Python is extremely easy to read, learn, and write.
  • The simple syntax makes Python a productive web design language
  • The debugging in python is simple
  • Python is dynamically typed during the execution
  • The vast library support makes Python one of its kind
  • Python is a free source

What are the cons of Python?

  • The dynamic nature of Python may reduce the speed of your website
  • Python web programming language takes a huge memory space
  • There’s a limitation to using Python on client-side websites
  • Python programming is easy, but database accessibility is complex

How long does it take to learn Python?

If you have a decent degree in learning discipline, the fundamentals of Python will take around 2 to 6 months. Developing mastery over Python’s array of libraries may take you years.

Best courses for Python?

  • Analyze Data with Python (Codecademy)
  • Learn Python 3 (Codecademy)
  • Introduction to Python (DataCamp)

You can find more Python and other web development & designing courses here.

  • Backend Web Development for Python: Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc.
  • Popular websites that use Python: Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, etc.

6. SQL

SQL is a database query language that is used when your website is computing large amounts of data. Using SQL allows you to gather data from different databases and use it to cater your website to your target audience. This language is not used alone; instead, it is paired with others to get the most out of your customer database and website development.

What are the features of SQL?

Though SQL is a structured query language, web developers use it to communicate with databases. Here are the features of SQL

  • SQL is a data definition language
  • Web developers use SQL for relational databases
  • SQL has security-enabled features
  • It has a simple, english-like structure
  • SQL is portable across different systems

What are the pros of SQL?

SQL manages a large pool of data. But there’s much more to it.

  • SQL processes data queries very quickly
  • No coding skills are required to run SQL queries
  • SQL has become a standardized language for the majority of the users
  • SQL is platform-independent and can be used in different programs
  • The SQL language is very simple to understand and learn

What are the cons of SQL?

  • SQL has a complex interface
  • SQL is expensive

How long does it take to learn SQL?

SQL is a simple language to master compared to other website coding languages we have mentioned. You can add SQL to your skillset wizardry in 2-3 months if you play around with it for four hours a day.

Best courses for SQL?

  • SQL for Data Science (Coursera)
  • Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying (Udemy)
  • SQL: The HitchHikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries (Udemy)
  • Popular websites that use SQL: Oracle, Stackoverflow, Microsoft

7. PHP

PHP is often used on data-heavy websites or for app development. This is an open-source language that can be easily modified to meet the needs of your business or website. Large websites like WordPress and Facebook use PHP to manage and process their data.

It’s a dynamic, server-side scripting language that helps build fully-functional websites and applications.

What are the features of PHP?

Half of the web is resting on PHP’s shoulders. Even the largest website builder in the world, WordPress, uses PHP features.

  • PHP is an open-source web programming language
  • PHP uses its server so it’s faster than JSP and ASP
  • It has easy-to-understand syntax
  • PHP is platform independent so code is easily executable on every OS
  • PHP is a loosely-typed language
  • It can do the work in a few lines of code

What are the pros of PHP?

With tons of web development features, PHP also has plenty of benefits to offer.

  • PHP is free of cost and can be downloaded anywhere
  • PHP manages codes very easily
  • The less learning curve in PHP makes it a highly used website programming language
  • You can use powerful library support for customized website development
  • PHP can easily be combined with other website languages

What are the cons of PHP?

  • PHP is insecure about its open-source programming
  • More PHP features can hamper site speed and performance
  • PHP doesn’t let changes in the core behavior of websites
  • You may not feel comfortable using PHP for giant content-based websites
  • It’s tough to manage PHP

How long does it take to learn PHP?

Depending on the overall time you commit, PHP may take about 3 to 6 months. The easy-to-skim and understandable syntax ease off the learning curve and you can get the knack of it if you give 4 hours a day for practice.

Best courses for PHP?

  • PHP Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Foundations: The Beginner’s Guide to PHP (Skillshare)
  • Learning PHP (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Backend Web Development for PHP: Symfony, CodeIgniter, Symfony.
  • Popular websites that use PHP: Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack.

8. .NET

.NET (pronounced dot net) is a framework that provides programming guidelines that can be used to develop a wide range of applications from the web to mobile to Windows-based applications. The .NET framework can work with several programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, and F#. At Grand Circus, we use C# as well as MVC. .NET has a huge collection of predefined class libraries (pre-written code) that has support for simple and complex data structures.

What are the features of .net?

.NET has all-around development features. However, its web development capabilities are worth noticing.

  • .NET is an open-source framework
  • .NET uses advanced features like running the website on the latest version
  • It gives cross-platform support over multiple OS
  • .NET uses authentication and authorization mechanism for data security
  • .NET has unified MVC and Web API

What are the pros of .net?

ASP.NET helps in building rich and dynamic websites. But you can make use of additional benefits such as:

  • ASP.NET allows for separation of concerns
  • The framework from ASP.NET reduces all the coding hassle
  • Website flexibility and scalability are much achievable with ASP.NET
  • The ASP.NET framework has a rich toolbox for website development
  • You can divide your website across multiple-languages
  • Even the tricky tasks can be done easily
  • You can develop secure websites with built-in authentication features
  • ASP.NET allows easy cross-platform migration

What are the cons of .net?

  • ASP.NET is expensive in comparison to other open sources
  • The framework documentation is not up to the mark
  • Data access may not give the best results
  • Changes in websites may not be visible in the next version

How long does it take to learn .net?

Though the .NET framework is easy to learn, it may still take you two to three months to get the knack for it. Your learning speed will be depending on the level of commitment and grasping.

Best courses for .net?

  • The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course
  • Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch
  • ASP.NET Core Fundamentals By Scott Allen
  • Popular websites that use .net: Microsoft, GoDaddy, Dell.

9. Angular

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end application platform led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS. Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build applications with the web. Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges. Angular empowers developers to build applications that live on the web, mobile, or desktop.

What are the features of Angular?

Angular has become one of the most popular front-end web development tools. You can attribute its success to the web app features it provides.

  • Angular is a cross-platform web development language
  • Angular based websites have high speed
  • It’s used in making progressive web applications

What are the pros of Angular?

Angular brings in a breath of fresh air for web development. Here is why you’d want to prefer Angular as a web language for projects and learning.

  • Angular gives a cross-platform development feature
  • Angular helps create quality websites
  • You can build websites in a short time
  • You can also make lightweight interactive web applications
  • Angular has a wide array of design libraries for web designing

What are the cons of Angular?

  • Angular doesn’t have many options for SEO, You would need to separately seek the services of SEO agencies to ensure your website is optimized for search engines.
  • The learning curve is very steep, so Angular is hard to understand and implement
  • The verbosity of angular is complex
  • Official documentation lacks information

How long does it take to learn Angular?

Web developers in the domain feel Angular is easy to learn and may take 2-3 months to get the grip of the language. Your learning curve is dependent on the overall time you commit to Angular. 2-3 hours are good, to begin with.

Best courses for Angular?

  • Getting Started with Angular 2+
  • Angular for Beginners Course
  • Build an Angular and Spring MVC Web Application
  • Backend Web Development for Angular: Node.Js
  • Popular websites that use Angular: PayPal, Forbes, Microsoft Xbox

10. Perl

Perl is among the web development languages that is known for being versatile. When using Perl, developers are able to do more with a single line of code than they would be able to if they were using another language for coding. Perl has more than 30 years of development and is running on more than 100 platforms, making it both refined and versatile.

Perl also has more than 25,000 open-source modules that can be found as part of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

What are the features of Perl?

  • Perl has a glue language, which makes it easier to integrate with many different platforms
  • It has a data integration interface that supports databases that are from a third-party source
  • Perl is a website design language that is powered by a strong text-processing tool
  • It supports Unicode version 13

What are the pros of Perl?

  • Perl is easier and more flexible compared to other web development languages
  • Perl has a simple syntax, making it easier to understand and use by coders
  • Perl has an open source code, due to which anyone can access and develop a platform using it
  • Perl is among the web development languages already installed on multiple devices, making it easier to use across a variety of operating systems
  • Perl is a website design language that supports multiple platforms and OOP concepts
  • Perl provides multiple alternatives to coders when they are using it to solve a problem
  • Perl is a language that has multiple web frameworks written in it
  • Perl has the capabilities to deal with encrypted Web data and can also be embedded into the web servers

What are the cons of Perl?

  • Perl is slower compared to other languages as its an interpretative language
  • When the code runs over 200 lines, Perl might create problems for the coder
  • Perl is not portable, is untidy, and has codes that are not readable
  • It can be difficult to debug Perl due to the complexity of the code

How long does it take to learn Perl?

If you commit an hour every single day, it can take you up to two months to learn the basics of Perl. However, if you want to learn this web design language professionally, it can take up to 6 months to learn it at a proficient level. Perl has a number of online books and extension modules that can make it easier to learn. Its strong developer community also helps solve the doubts anyone might have about the platform.

Best courses for Perl

  • Enhance Your Skill Set with Perl (Udemy)
  • Perl 5 Essential Training (Lynda)
  • Fundamentals of Perl Programming (Alison)
  • Learning Perl by Example (Udemy)

11. Swift

Back in 2014, Swift created waves when it was introduced in the market. The reason behind it: the creator- Apple. Since then, Swift is among the web programming languages that is used on watchOS, iOS, tvOS, macOS, and Linux applications across the entire Apple ecosystem. Currently, it is known as the primary website design language within the ecosystem of Apple. It has often been linked to the features of Objective-C and has been considered an upgraded version of it.

What are the features of Swift?

  • Swift has variable types that can be looked after by the compiler
  • It is built using dynamic libraries as opposed to using static libraries
  • Swift is among the web programming languages that has clean code that is less likely to have mistakes
  • Swift is built upon named parameters that are present within Objective-C
  • Swift has advanced control flow, generics, and a powerful built-in error handling
  • Swift can be used to create apps across the Apple ecosystem-watchOS, iOS, tvOS, macOS, and Linux

What are the pros of Swift?

  • Staying true to its name, Swift allows for rapid creation of applications due to simple grammar and syntax
  • Swift is among the web development languages that allows for quick scalabilty as new features can be added to it with ease
  • The code of Swift can be optimized to improve performance overall
  • Swift enables creating code that is fairly error-free as it allows the coder to see the errors in the code instantly, reducing the possibility of future bugs
  • It has a strong open-source community that encourages the usage of the website design language
  • Swift gives importance to security, not allowing any user to have access to unauthorized data
  • Swift is among the web development languages that has modern features that developers want to work with

What are the cons of Swift?

  • Swift might result in some compatibility issues if you are using the older version of it
  • The number of developers using Swift might be lesser than other languages as it is a relatively newer language in the market
  • There might be a delay in uploading the applications onto the Apple store when using Swift

How long does it take to learn Swift?

If you are a beginner or an experienced developer, it will not be tough for you to learn Swift. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should know Objective-C before you can become a complete master of Swift. To put it simply, it might take you approximately a week to learn Swift if you have the right background. However, if you are starting from scratch, you might need anything between 3-4 weeks to learn Swift, including both the basic and advanced features.

Best courses for Swift?

  • IOS & Swift: Become An App Developer (Udemy)
  • Swift 5 iOS Application Developer Specialization (Coursera)
  • Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI (Codecademy)
  • Swift for Beginners (Udacity)
  • Swift 5 Essential Training Online Class (LinkedIn)

12. Ruby

Invented in 1995, Ruby is web design language that is both open-source and oriented towards objects. It has made a name for itself in the coding community as it is both versatile and flexible to use. Ruby is also among the easier web programming languages due to the open-source nature of its platform.

What are the features of Ruby?

  • It is an open-source platform
  • It is a general purpose language that is oriented towards objects
  • A Common Gateway Interface can be written with it
  • Ruby can be used within the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • The applications and programs built on Ruby are scalable in nature
  • Ruby can be connected to Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL
  • Ruby has a number of built-in features that can be used to create richer platforms

What are the pros of Ruby?

  • Ruby is among the web development languages that enjoys a strong and supportive community behind it
  • Ruby can be used across many platforms and industries as it is versatile
  • If you are starting out, Ruby is among the simpler languages that you can learn
  • Since Ruby has been around since 1995, coders can rely on a number of
  • libraries that can help them code
  • Ruby is free to use
  • Ruby has an intuitive interface that is built on a simple syntax
  • Ruby does not have any structure that needs to be followed when coding, allowing coders to be creative with the format they use

What are the cons of Ruby?

  • When compared to the other web development languages, Ruby is slow
  • Ruby is not known that well when compared to other languages that are better known in the community
  • The apps created on Ruby might not be the best in terms of performance and speed compared to other languages
  • Ruby syntax can be confusing to those who want structure in their codes
  • Ruby is not the ideal choice when looking to build a mobile application

How long does it take to learn Ruby?

If you are someone who has worked with multiple web development languages, it might take you only a few weeks to learn Ruby. Despite having experience, you would still need to dedicate around 10-15 hours every week to learn it. If you want to become an experienced coder and developer in Ruby, you might need anywhere between 1-3 months to learn the language inside out.

Best courses for Ruby?

  • Learn Ruby on Rails (Go Rails)
  • Introduction to Ruby on Rails (Educative)
  • Learn Ruby (Sololearn)
  • Learn Ruby (Codecademy)
  • The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course (Udemy)
  • Learn Ruby on Rails 7 (Udemy)
  • Build Your Ruby on Rails Skills (LinkedIn Learning)

13. Coldfusion

ColdFusion is an app server and web programming language from Adobe. It is known for its ability to allow the application to communicate with its back-end systems. It has also made waves for its customizable features, its security and its scalability.

What are the features of ColdFusion?

  • It code is a combination of the standard HTML and ColdFusion Markup Language
  • ColdFusion can be connected to most of the databases in the market
  • It can be used to create personalized functions when creating platforms and applications
  • It can be used to debug and troubleshoot apps
  • The latest version of ColdFusion boasts of hot-fix updates and API that improve the security of the platform
  • It has multiple tools for containerization

What are the pros of ColdFusion?

  • The enhanced security features allow developers to build apps that are secure
  • ColdFusion can be easily integrated across platforms and environments, making it versatile
  • ColdFusion allows developers to create custom features across applications
  • ColdFusion is among the easier web programming languages for developers to learn
  • Since it is less prone to bugs, it is easier to maintain compared to other languages

What are the cons of ColdFusion?

  • ColdFusion does not have a strong community of coders and developers backing it
  • Currently, ColdFusion does not have widespread usage in the industry when compared to the other web programming languages

How long does it take to learn ColdFusion?

If you are new to ColdFusion, all you need to do is head to a platform called Learn ColdFusion in a Week. You will be able to cover most of the basics of the language in less than a week. Moreover, if you are someone who is experienced in programming, it should not even take you more than a couple of days to learn this website design language.

Best courses for ColdFusion?

  • Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion (Adobe)
  • Learn Modern ColdFusion in 100 Minutes (Booky by Ortus)
  • Learn ColdFusion in a Week

14. Elm

Developed in 2012, Elm is a robust language that is used in creating front-end apps. It has made a name for itself by being a functional reactive programming language that can be used to create both websites and applications. It is also known for the robust apps that are created with relative ease compared to other platforms.

What are the features of Elm?

  • An app created using Elm comprises three key features: Model, Update, and View
  • Elm is lightweight when comparing it to different web programming languages
  • Elm enables the developer to build web apps that are progressive
  • It is extremely easy to refactor because of the strict nature of typing
  • A unidirectional data flow is part of the website design language
  • It has a functional design that makes its use easier

What are the pros of Elm?

  • The syntax behind Elm is expressive in nature for the coders
  • The code that is created using Elm is clean and free of errors
  • The system prompts you in the correct direction if a mistake has been made while coding
  • Elm is more reactive in its design when being benchmarked against different programming languages
  • Elm is used by big corporations across industries, however, it is not easy to master
  • The project support is greater when compared to other web programming languages

What are the cons of Elm?

  • The Elm language does not have a single database to refer to when learning the website design language
  • It requires a lot of code to build a platform using Elm as used to another language
  • Elm does not have a large user base when compared to other web development languages
  • It takes time to learn as compared to the other web programming languages

How long does it take to learn Elm?

Elm is a website design language that takes a while to master as it has a steep learning curve. This is due to the terminologies involved in the platform, which a person might take a while to feel comfortable with. Do not let the setbacks get to you. Instead, keep reading up from different sources so you can master the language. When you are able to do that, you will be among an elite circle of coders familiar with Elm.

Best courses for Elm?

  • Elm – The Complete Guide (Udemy)
  • Elm (Exercism)
  • Start Using Elm to Build Web Applications (
  • Advanced Elm (Frontend Masters)
  • An Introduction to Elm (

15. Rust

Rust was introduced in the market to overcome the issues that arose when using the C++ language. What sets it apart from C++ is that its memory footprint is small. This allows developers to make fast apps when they are using Rust as the web design language.

What are the features of Rust?

  • Rust has access to the hardware and memory, which sets it apart from other web programming languages
  • Rust has a package manager that is built-in, unlike other web programming languages
  • Errors are caught due to the type interface, resulting in lesser end-result bugs
  • Rust has a cross-platform functionality, making it more versatile to use
  • Rust has static typing and low overheads compared to other web programming languages

What are the pros of Rust?

  • The memory safety is greater when seen against different web programming languages
  • The applications and platforms built using Rust are high-performing as they generally tend to be error-free
  • Rust has a syntax that is expressive, making it easier for coders to develop applications and platforms using it
  • Rust has a strong community present to help its developers code on it

What are the cons of Rust?

  • It can take developers time to learn this website design language
  • The time taken to develop a website or application can be longer as compared to other web programming languages
  • The prevalent borrow checker is both complex and strict, adding to the complexity of developing through Rust
  • The existing ecosystem might not be as developed as other better known languages
  • The existing documentation on Rust still requires work to make learning it easier

How long does it take to learn Rust?

Compared to other web programming languages, it can take a while to become proficient in Rust. Based on your comfort level, it can take anywhere between a couple of days to under a month to learn Rust. One thing to keep in mind when learning Rust is to keep practicing it through code and examples.

Best courses for Rust?

  • The Rust Programming Language (Udemy)
  • Rust Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Rust on Exercism (Exercism)
  • Take your first steps with Rust (Microsoft)
  • Learn Rust by Building Real Applications (Udemy)

Why Do Some Languages Work Better Than Others?

No one language is inherently better than another, they just perform better with different tasks. There are some key factors that web developers consider when they are deciding what language or coding method to use while working on a project. Here are some of those factors:

  • Expressiveness: The expressiveness relates to how easy a language is to understand, use, and write. The productivity of a language says a lot about how expressive your website will be. The easier a language is to write, the more time can be spent on adding design elements to the site. The expressiveness relates to how easy it is to add to the existing code. A developer will use a language where he or she does not have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to expand upon the code to grow or update the website.
    • Reliability: The reliability of the language and the code is important. The functionality of your website relies on how reliable the language is. The code is also in place to protect your website and customers. Reliable code will be easy to test and maintain. When a developer is reviewing the code, he or she should be able to scan it and get a sense for how reliable the website will be.
  • Performance: This is an important factor for developers to consider when they are working on a business website. They must take into consideration the amount of traffic your site will receive and what types of activities users will be doing while they visit your website. They will look for easy optimization to different servers and browsers and will want to make sure the code will operate consistently throughout a visitor’s time spent on the website.

Know the Basics, and Let Your Designer Take It From There
There are several online resources available that can help beginners learn the basics of code and have a better understanding of web development. As a business owner or someone who just has a general interest in understanding coding languages, a basic understanding of the above examples can go a long way. All you need to do is choose a language you want to learn from the above list. Then you need to do a preliminary online search to find the right web design tutorial for your needs. Enjoy learning!

Web designers and developers may seem like magicians to most of us, but more than that, they are artists – and unlike other forms of art, form, and function must work together seamlessly. Coders want sites to perform well and look good for businesses and clients. When it works well for you, it works well for them, too.

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