I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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What is Digital Presence? | 5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Presence in 2021

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What is Digital Presence?

Digital Presence in simple terms, ‘to show your business online’. Digital Presence matters whenever any person searches for your business online. Generating digital presence is really easy with the help of resources like a website, social media platforms, business directory listing, customer reviews and other online sources.

Apart from resources, agencies such as

  • Top Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Top SEO Agencies
  • Top Branding Agencies
  • bring digital presence dream into reality and better the chances of online visibility.

    Whether you’re going DIY or hiring any agency, here’s the list of things you can expect to build digital presence.

    Top 8 List of things which help to build Digital Presence for your business.

    1. Create Online Website
    2. Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit and more…)
    3. Business Listing (Google My Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and more..)
    4. Business Location Listing (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps and more..)
    5. Participating Online Question-Answer Sites (Quora, StackExchange, Yahoo Answers and more..)
    6. Local Directory Listing (YellowPages, Whitepages, Foursquare, and more…)
    7. Digital Advertising (Google Ads, FB-Insta Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, AdMob and more…)
    8. Content marketing (Blogging, Video, Podcasting, Infographics, Email marketing, Visual content, Ebooks, Lead magnets)


    Anyone who has spent any amount of time working in search engine optimization (SEO) knows that the industry is always changing as the leading search engines constantly update and alter their algorithms. While SEO teams constantly try to capitalize on the newest rules to ensure their content achieves the highest possible rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs), search engines like Google and Bing are looking for loopholes and room for improvement to provide searchers with the best possible experiences and the most accurate search results.

    Modern digital marketing demands both— a solid international-targeting SEO strategy and a full-proof geofencing marketing strategy— to have an active and engaging digital presence. It seems like each new year brings new disruptions.

    If you want your brand to cultivate a solid digital presence, it may be time to reevaluate your approach to digital marketing. While your tried-and-true methods may still offer acceptable results, you can find lots of ways like ad tracking, campaign audit, gap analysis, etc. to improve your digital marketing strategy with often surprising results.

    Digital Presence 2021

    What You Should Already Be Doing

    The golden rule of every search engine is to provide the user with the most accurate results for their searches as quickly as possible. Search engines use various methods to match users’ queries to the most relevant results. The algorithms behind these search engines are constantly being tweaked, improved, and adjusted to provide better user experiences. To capitalize on how search engines function, it’s vital to fill your site and your blog with well-written, valuable content that appeals to your ideal customers.

    In the early days of digital marketing, many unscrupulous content marketers simply uploaded content stuffed with keywords that were barely readable by human users. This content was intended to capture the attention of the earliest search engine bots, programs that crawl through online content to find keywords, links, and other data points to match to user input. This quickly became a trend, and leading search engines like Google took swift action to penalize keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO tactics.

    Today, Google rewards websites for publishing relevant, high-quality content that appeals to a target niche. If you already invest the time and effort necessary for creating high-quality SEO content intended for human readers, you’re ahead of the curve.

    You should also be regularly taking time to research your market and your target customers. Consumer preferences change over time, industry trends shift, and the market may not be the same six months from now.

    Essentially, you need to keep tabs on your niche and the customers within it as best as you can so you can continue to deliver the highest quality content and better experiences to keep them coming back to you for more.

    5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Presence in 2021

    You’ve probably developed a solid digital marketing strategy that works for your current goals, but it’s always worth investing some extra time and effort into futureproofing your marketing strategy.

    As you develop your content marketing strategy for 2021, the following tips can help you be more successful and discover new ways of connecting with your target audience:

    Digital Presence - Customer Persona

    1. Invest in Customer Persona Research

    How well do you know your core customers? Do you have an idea of the types of customers you’d like to reach but haven’t connected with as strongly just yet? Customer persona research could be one of your most valuable marketing investments of 2021. Effective user research can provide you with a better understanding of your target market’s wants and needs, help you develop content that’s more precisely targeted toward their interests and goals, and understand your place in your niche more clearly.

    Questionnaires, surveys, usability tests, and A/B testing can all provide valuable insights into your target customers. Develop several customer personas using the data you’ve gathered over time to determine who your best customers are, how they spend their time online, and the best ways to reach them with effective marketing campaigns.

    Digital Presence - Social Media Platforms

    2. Expand to New Social Media Platforms

    Almost every business has a Facebook profile by now, but other social media outlets can be fantastic for connecting with different audiences. Instagram and Snapchat can be ideal places to display new products and upload video content snippets. They’re also great for photo content, and Twitter is the go-to place for hot stories and the latest news updates.

    Determine where your target customers spend their time using social media and try to cultivate followings on a new platform in 2021. Spend some time fleshing out customer profiles and determine which social media platforms are most likely to appeal to them. This is yet another reason why thorough user research is such an effective tool for strategizing.

    Digital Presence - Brand Authority

    3. Increase Your Brand’s Authority

    Does your audience know they can rely on you for the latest industry news? Do they regularly comment on your blog posts to tell you how informative and valuable they are? Brand authority builds as you connect more deeply with your audience. When you consistently provide your audience with relevant content and prove you know what you’re talking about, you inherently build authority.

    Your brand authority also has a significant impact on SEO, so look for opportunities to prove your place as an industry leader. For example, if you publish content to your blog and simply list your contributing authors as “staff” without creating fleshed-out author bios for them, this is a big missed opportunity to build your authority and earn some easy SEO points under the new EAT update.

    Digital Presence - Voice Search

    4. Start Leveraging Voice Search and Planning for NLP SEO

    Search engines are getting smarter, and the newest set of updates for Google includes BERT, the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This new system is a natural language processor (NLP) system designed to more accurately interpret user searches, especially voice searches that typically entail more longtail keywords and filler words.

    While you have likely already adapted a mobile-first approach when it comes to web development and content creation, make sure to carry those lessons over to prepare for the surging number of voice searches. Start looking for ways to incorporate more NLP SEO elements, such as longtail keywords and more fleshed-out keyword strings with filler words that users will likely speak into their devices to perform voice searches.

    Digital Presence - Video Creation

    5. Invest in Video Content Creation

    Content still very much reigns supreme as the key to successful SEO, but the type of content you’ve produced may be a bit stale compared to what some other brands are offering. Video content holds incredible potential for virtually any brand. How-to videos, product demonstrations, facility tours, “meet the team” interviews, and behind-the-scenes showcases are all possibilities. Video content is also highly shareable, so this can be a great way to boost your social media presence, too.

    Every brand is different, and every market niche is different.

    Consumer tastes and behaviours are constantly changing, and it can feel like a battle of attrition to keep up with the rapidly changing rules of SEO and the shifting demands of your market. Planning ahead and anticipating the next moves may not always feel feasible, but the previously mentioned suggestions can help you stay ahead of the curve and create a more flexible, adaptable SEO strategy for 2021 and beyond.

    Start the year with an extensive review of your current marketing strategy and look for room for improvement.

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      Stephen Moyers

      25 thoughts on “What is Digital Presence? | 5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Presence in 2021”

      1. If your business has a physical location, the first thing you need to do after getting a website and initializing social media platforms, is to focus on local SEO.

        Local SEO can do wonders for your business, and it’s kind of essential for brick and mortar businesses.

        1. Stephen Moyers says:

          Yes, that’s true Amelia. Local SEO is definitely helpful to build a solid digital presence for all kind of businesses.

      2. Manish Malik says:

        Good information about how to make digital presence. Keep posting more article like this.

      3. Hey Stephen, great post. Building a digital presence of business has become essential these days. The ways mentioned by you, are making it easy to boost digital presence in 2020. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post.

      4. Hey Stephen, thanks for sharing such a descriptive article. I agree enhancing the digital presence is very important today. Currently I am working on video creation. Can you suggest a few tools that will go best for beginners?

        1. Canva.com has a ton of free video templates for marketing purposes 🙂

      5. Vinaya Sushmitha says:

        Creative stuff!!

      6. Absolutely! Your content should be written for your target audience. And if you do this right, then Google will reward you with relevant.

      7. Marcia Marques de Oliveira says:

        Thank you for sharing all this information. Congratulations on your work. – Campinas – SP – Brazil

      8. This article is very informative, updated and transparent.
        What a useful information provided by this blog! It’s remarkable. Thanks for sharing.

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        I Found this Article is Really helpful and Practically implementable. Thanks for creating such wonderful content & inspiring Blog.
        Keep Sharing. Thanks again.

      11. One of the top ways to build your online presence is to create and grow an email list. An email list will enable you to engage with current and potential customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To grow your email list, you can create gated content that users have to sign-up to receive. Additionally, you can use a CTA on your website and social media pages to promote your email newsletter.

      12. Luish Mahida says:

        Nowadays all businesses, industries, organizations should make a presence digitally to grow. in this blog, Stephen gives 7 lists to build a digital presence, a great blog.

      13. Branding agencies Cardiff says:

        Such a nice blog on five key digital marketing strategies during covid 19 redefining and redeployment and I hope you keep update us with such great tips and information in future too. This is a great post; I will share as much as I can.

      14. Very valuable information, it is not at all blogs that we find this, I was looking for something like that and found it here.

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        Very insightful and detailed article. The points given really do help.

      16. Useful Info!
        Really it is very accommodating and instructive ideas for effective SEO. I like it much obliged for offering this data to us.

      17. Naeem Saiyed says:

        Hey! We Really liked your Work as it is having lots of content and for us, as a developer or a web designer it’s very helpful and an easy way to move forward and also The ways mentioned by you, are making it easy to boost digital presence. It will be great if we could have some deals with, & Great work Keep it up. Love from India.

      18. rachna soni says:

        I really enjoyed reading this. You have a gift of putting thoughts into words. Thanks for sharing

      19. Navigatelifecoach says:

        Yes, Video content creation is a good way to boost our social media presence. Thanks for sharing a great article.

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