A Beautiful Website Redesign For A Mental Health Nonprofit

Lawyers Depression Project Website Design & Development


Lawyers Depression Project is a nonprofit that was founded with the intention to break the stigma around mental health issues for lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals through peer-to-peer mentoring and support. When they came to us, they had a homegrown Wix website and were wanting a site that would look and feel more professional and trustworthy. The primary goal of the website was to design a safe space that would encourage people to join their community.

We kicked things off with an exploration phase to help them define their brand. During this exercise, we hammered out colors, imagery, iconography, and a logo. We also conducted interviews with the founder and a key member to learn as much as we could about their organization's mission and goals. This was invaluable information we used during the strategy and the design phases of the website.

During the strategy and design phase, we planned out a structure for the site that accommodates an increased depth of information and member testimonials. These items were key pieces in our strategy for clearly detailing out the support Lawyers Depression Project provides for it's members and to increase trust of their organization. In addition, the entire website was built to allow flexibility as their nonprofit grows and expands their reach. The new website CMS was built on Wordpress, giving the Lawyers Depression Project team the ability to easily manage the site.

With thier new intentionally calming and peaceful website, Lawyers Depression Project's online presence now conveys a message of hope to potential members.

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