Looking for a Good Business Coach? Keep an Eye Out for These 8 Things

Part of being a successful entrepreneur is knowing when to ask for help. When you’re seeking the advice of a business coach, options abound. As the field grows larger, these business/life coaches become more ubiquitous. It’s an industry valued at over $2 billion with 47,500 professionals offering their expertise worldwide. Much like realtors and fitness […]

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Content Expansion

Content Expansion: Maximizing Your Content for Better Business

You’ve optimized your website for search engines, worked with experts to write award-winning blogs, and mastered the evasive art of content writing. Now you can kick back, relax, and enjoy steady site traffic, right? Wrong. Optimizing your content is an integral cog in the equation for website success, but it’s unfortunately not the only factor. […]

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How to Market Your Brand with Video Content Effectively

Depending on your niche and company image, some forms of content will be far more effective than others. Video content, however, is increasingly valuable to marketers in all industries. The immense power of video to reach a widespread audience is no longer debated – it’s a fact. Consumers view companies that post video content as […]

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Six Inspiration Stories

Six Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories You Need to Read

Entrepreneurship is filled with new challenges at every turn. Your market knowledge, product concept, networking skills, and financial support must all operate with a thin margin for error. Sometimes, the best advice doesn’t come from analysts or industry writers, but from people who have been where you are. These six entrepreneurs defied the odds and […]

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