Commonly Made Sidebar Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Many web designers neglect appropriate sidebar usage. Sidebars are often loaded with more distracting features and content than readers know how to deal with, which may lead them to leave the page. Even if a reader doesn’t leave the page because of an over-crowded or otherwise inappropriate sidebar design, he or she will come to […]

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How to Design Menu

How to Design Functional Menus

So you’ve gotten people to come to your website, which is a great first step. Now you need to get them where they want to be, or they’re likely to bounce. Having a good menu will help prevent bounces by getting people where they want to be efficiently. Although menus might seem complicated at first, […]

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How to Get Bloggers to Talk About You (In a GOOD Way!)

So you’ve heard that blogging is a growing field of marketing, and you want to approach a few bloggers about reviewing your products. However, you’re not sure what the etiquette is – you don’t want to offend and start a relationship on the wrong foot. Here are a few tips on how to approach bloggers […]

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Niche Market Campaign Takes a Special Approach

You may own a large corporation or a small business, but campaigns to niche markets can be valuable additions to your marketing tool set. However, niche marketing requires a different campaign than mass marketing does. When you prepare such a campaign, consider and account for these differences. Audience Characteristics Part of every niche marketing campaign […]

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Interaction Design Mistakes

Interaction Design Mistakes NOT to Make

Website design has become more flexible and innovative over the years. Greater flexibility can improve the over-all user experience, but it can also lead to user frustration. Web designers want to have a top quality product. As with all design elements, a top quality website should have both form and function. Unintuitive Innovations Image: Designmodo […]

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