Learn Basic UX Fundamentals with These 4 Free Courses

Many entrepreneurs hire designers to create their mobile apps or business websites, knowing UX is a critical element for success. They may wonder how they can be sure their site uses the best tools, methods, and frameworks when their knowledge of UX is limited. While a few hours of online training won’t make a professional, […]

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Mercedes Prioritizes the Experience with a New Voice Assistant

Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed an innovative and superior infotainment system for their vehicles. The company announced the technology earlier this month at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Dubbed the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, MBUX for short, the technology easily surpasses the infotainment systems found in other high-end vehicle companies. source:autoweek.com German Innovation Other luxury vehicle […]

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Samsung Delays Foldable Smartphone Launch Over Bad UX

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has announced a delay to the launch of their anticipated Galaxy X foldable smartphone, citing poor user experience (UX) feedback from developers. Samsung’s President of Mobile Communications Business, DJ Koh initially stated the launch had been delayed until the fourth quarter of 2018. He has since moved his projection […]

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Take User Experience Personalization to the Next Level

The trend toward greater personalization has grown in the last year and so has the technology to make it happen. To maintain a base of loyal customers, a brand must show that it’s listening to user actions and behaviors and adapting according to that information. Unfortunately, the lag time it takes to process data and […]

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8 Holiday Marketing Strategies that Target Millennial Shoppers

Holiday marketing has transformed in the last decade as millennial-age shoppers started to overtake other generations in the market. As Millennials join the upper echelons of the workforce, they represent more buying power than ever. Businesses must leverage new tactics to reach these shoppers, especially during the holidays. Here’s how to market to Millennials during […]

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3 Ways How To Succeed With Your Online Business in 2018

Digital marketing is a never sleeping organism that is evolving every day. The same with business – every day there are new businesses opening, however, the only small amount of them can really survive. Even though you have to fight with many competitors, there is still chance to succeed. Viktor from WebCreate.me shared with us […]

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