How Apple’s latest AR Engine Could Affect UX

Apple developers made more than just superficial changes when they created the iPhone X. Inside the phone, a special “neural engine” gives the technology artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities. The engine could signify the future of smartphones, which rely on machine-learning algorithms. What could the arrival of iOS 11 mean for UX […]


Purdue University’s Sensor Could Change the User Experience

Purdue University recently developed iSoft, a technology that attaches to everyday objects as wearable technology. iSoft is customizable, and it could help industries ranging from health monitoring and athletics to virtual reality. iSoft turns everything into a controller, allowing real-time control over digital devices. Users can create their own personalized sensors. iSoft could figure largely […]

Design, Mobile

How iPhone X Could Change Mobile Site Design

The iPhone X is the newest model rolling out from Apple, and it boasts features that may change the way website designers optimize mobile sites. It has an 1125 x 2436px resolution display and a notch at the top of the screen for face recognition. The new features that make it so stunning also present […]

Design, UX

Improving Security with Better UX Design

Internet users expect the sites they visit to offer a secure and user-friendly experience. They trust companies to maintain SSL certificates, to use compliant payment services, and to protect their information from hackers. Every site is vulnerable to some level of attack. In addition to employee training and conventional network security tactics, many companies use […]

Business, E-commerce

Avoiding Black Friday Ecommerce Snafus

In 2016, the number of online shoppers surpassed in-store shoppers. Brands must prepare their websites to handle increased traffic if they want to maintain a strong user experience. This year, give your customers a seamless Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience by starting early on website maintenance, updates, and user analysis. Prepare for holiday […]

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