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Last-minute Christmas Marketing Tips to Score Sales Online

As Christmas draws closer, online businesses that planned their holiday marketing well in advance are sipping eggnog by the fire, and resting easy. Everyone else, however, is facing procrastinator’s panic. Fortunately, Santa won’t hold it against you (he’s used to last-minute requests by now). But if you don’t kick your digital marketing into gear today, […]

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Analyze Competition Carefully: How Much Info is TMI?

Competitive analysis can be addicting. If you’re a digital marketer working with a client, you might start by simply checking a competing website’s backlinks. Simple enough. However, before you know it, you’re scouring every single one of the competition’s social media followers, scanning their interests and extrapolating imagined purchase histories in an attempt to etch […]

Online Marketing Tips

How to leverage Customer Relationships in the Digital Era

Much has been written about digital marketing, and how it represents a radical departure from traditional advertising. While the landscape has certainly changed in the age of the internet, many age-old fundamentals remain. Relationships, for instance, are as important as ever. Criticizing our digital age for its lack of depth has become a bit of […]