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How to Ensure Brand Identity Consistency Across All Media

Companies strive, especially when first established, to develop a brand identity that represents the culture, ideals, and vision of the company. For potential customers to be familiar with a company’s brand to the point it is accepted as a household name, the brand’s identity must maintain consistency across all media. Consistency may be threatened when […]

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How to Make a Cool, Clickable Banner Ad

It’s hard out there for modern day Mad Men. With the invention of the DVR, no one watches T.V. commercials any more. Meanwhile, the internet is ripe for advertising, but it’s controlled by the user. If you don’t want to see an ad, you can ignore it or even go to another site. While no […]

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3 Essential Apps For Your Beauty Website

A beauty industry success story. Cosmetics is a $100 billion industry that’s crowded with household names that are synonymous with glamour. Rather than let themselves be scared off by the prospect of going up against L’Oreal or Estée Lauder, new cosmetics success stories shine each year. In 2014, cosmetics startup Julep showed how a savvy […]

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How to Win the WebAward For Online Marketing

Courtesy Marcella Palma Flickr Though it may lack some of the glamour of the Oscars, the WebAward is an esteemed honor in the American web marketing world. The WebAward is understood industry-wide as a benchmark for excellence in web marketing, and is highly sought-after. Any online agency working in web marketing and design should know […]