How to Climb Vine: Insights and Takeaways for Twitter’s Video Platform

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Waking up on November 30th vs. waking up on December 1st..

Last year Twitter experimented with a radical new form of social media. They went from being masters of short messages to masters of… short videos! Okay, so maybe it wasn’t such a dramatic departure.

Actually, their introduction of Vine, a video platform consisting of bite-size 6-second shorts was a clever extension of their brand, and a gift to marketers.

With Vine, users can shoot, edit and share quick videos with their followers. While six seconds may be limiting to some brands, others have found ways to use the time constraints to their advantage, earning greater engagement online as a result.

As a social media platform, Vine can deliver these benefits for your business:

Selling power

Video is ubiquitous. It’s woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, whether we’re killing time on YouTube or watching an informational product presentation. People expect most companies to have videos. It’s a way for users to interact with your brand.

In fact, in a recent study, 90% of people polled said they found that video was influential when making a buying decision. Vine taps into this phenomenon, while catering to our web browsing habits. By making their videos short, they appeal to our tendency to scan content, rather than absorb it wholesale.

Bottom line? Brands that use Vine to sell products and services stand to benefit from increased sales.

Brand personality

One of the great advantages of video over other forms of content marketing is the ability to show the face behind the business. You can share a little personality so people know there’s more to your brand than just a logo.

Vine is arguably the best way to use video thanks to its short length. Making a compelling, informative, or funny video in six seconds is no easy feat. It requires you think outside the box about how to present a given topic. By forcing you to get creative, Vine can separate you from the herd. With such a specific format, it’s unlikely that two companies will make the same video.


Perhaps the most coveted of all social media metrics, Vine is ready-made for share-ability. Consider your own video viewing habits online. Let’s say your good friend shared a funny-sounding clip… but it’s 11 minutes long. You’ll probably keep skipping through your news feed.

Certainly product and service videos benefit from shorter lengths, especially if they’re aimed at consumers in the first stages of the buying journey.

At six seconds, Vine is perfect for sharing. You barely have to stop scrolling to watch it. And if it’s good, people will watch it again and share.

Examples of brands using Vine:


For this seven-figure campaign, Fanta For The Funny was the soda company’s attempt to tap into Vine’s power. The videos feature some of Vine’s well-known personalities doing pratfalls, gags, and just generally being goofy – all at six seconds long (the Fanta name appears in between clips).

Generally used most by Millennials, Vine has become an ideal medium for humor, which Fanta used to their advantage.


General Electric has a robust and creative social media presence, and their use of Vine is no exception. In particular, the B2B created a video showing a bit of a science experiment, specifically, what happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish washing soap? The video is simple, colorful, and just plain cool.

GE included the video in a compilation of other science Vines, which resulted in 700,000 views and 1 million user engagements. 


In content marketing, How-To videos and blogs are hugely popular and present easy ways for brands to effectively reach their audience. Running with this idea, Lowe’s made a Vine video offering a simple but useful tip for its customers.

The quick How-To shows how to use cayenne pepper to keep squirrels out of flowers. This clip uses a little animation through Vine’s abilities to compile different clips into one cohesive whole. It shows how a little time and ingenuity can yield a really great six-second clip.



While some successful Vine videos don’t necessarily need a full team of creatives to conceptualize them, it doesn’t hurt to spend time on your Vine creation. The social media app thrives on creativity. If you’re especially talented when it comes to generating big but concise ideas, Vine may be your calling within your company. However, sometimes those effective ideas are hard to come by, especially if they’re not required by your job description.


Part of the advantage of social media is that much of it can be used cheaply or for free. Of course, in many cases you get what you pay for.

If you want to utilize some of Vine’s more advanced features, such as animation, or if you desire to spend some time getting the concepts and execution of your videos right, you’ll have to spend a little money. You don’t necessarily have to hire popular Vine personalities for your videos, like Fanta did, but to make videos that truly stand out, prepare to incorporate them into your marketing budget.

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