8 Dynamic Cross-Platform Tools for Mobile Developers of Any Skill Level

Cross-platform mobile development means creating a singular environment for mobile apps so that they can be used on multiple mobile platforms and devices. To be able to send across iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/RIM, etc., cross-platform mobile development is an effective tool, and the practice is affectionately referred to as BYOD, or Bring Your Own […]

Online Marketing Tips

How to Reboot Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one low-cost way to attract an audience, acquire new leads, and open doors of communication with prospects. Over a period of time, digital marketing experts developed some dos and don’ts for speedy success. Some of the true and special digital trends have been: responsive web designs, emails, and videos, live chats, social […]


Creating Mobile App Design

Applications are the big product of the 21st century. Varying sizes between devices and screens, not to mention operating systems, requires app designers to create flexible products that work equally well across all platforms. This means ensuring two things when designing apps: a robust UI and great UX. UI is the user interface. In other […]

Social Media

How Hashtags Work on Social Media Sites

This remarkable button is no longer known as the pound sign. Now, it is used to convey thoughts and hopefully reach others aligned with the same mode of thought. Hashtags spark conversations, lead social battles, and exemplify modern culture. All of our actions are reduced to bundles of words following the hashtag. Hashtags have come […]

Social Media

How to Write a Legendary LinkedIn Profile Summary

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your presence in the business world starts online, long before it gets to the boardroom. Think about it. Before you meet a potential new client you’ve likely Googled them once or twice to get a feel for who they are. Not matter how that person […]


What Makes Flat Web Design Exotic

In web design, as in life, less is more. With technology advancing at ever increasing rates, the old design norm: flashy layouts with eye-catching buttons and images is giving way to a more minimalistic approach. This style, known as Flat Design, has taken off as the consumer audience has grown more accustomed to the world […]

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