3 Reasons to Hire an Agency over a Solo Web Designer

A couple members of the Spinx team. Courtesy Spinx Pinterest We were recently pleased to be contacted by an old client of ours for some work. It’s always great to hear from customers satisfied with what you do—it’s the highest compliment that a digital craft agency can be paid. However, the client’s story was one […]

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3+ Rules For Managing Too Much Content

A map of the internet. It’s no coincidence that it looks like an explosion of content. Courtesy Steve Jurvetson Flickr. The adage “content is king” has ruled the internet since it was proclaimed by Bill Gates in 1996. The maxim has only been reinforced over the years: a picture’s worth a thousand words, but a […]


4 Mobile App Trends for 2014

With both the continued growth of mobile and the nascent world of wearable tech, there’s a wide world beyond the desktop. What should your firm expect for the next year? Here are mobile app trends for 2014: 1. More Messaging Facebook made big waves by buying WhatsApp for $19 billion, and it’s now becoming clear […]

Online Marketing Tips

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes in the Beauty Industry

 Courtesy Shesarii Flickr Don’t let the #NoMakeupSelfie trend going viral fool you, beauty remains big business. Cosmetics is an industry that rakes in more than 100 billion dollars each year. Competing with industry giants like L’Oreal and Estée Lauder, countless smaller firms are actively playing the field. If you’re part of this group, you know […]


5 Upcoming Startup Events in Southern California: Meet Up with Professionals, Gurus, and Influencers

LA has a lot to offer tech startups beyond 75 weather year-round. Courtesy Justin Vidamo : View of Downtown LA from the Getty Museum Though Silicon Valley has long dominated the tech world, California is currently experiencing a seismic shift. This one, however, is technological, rather than tectonic. The boom in Southern California’s tech industry […]


Why Should You Hire a Professional Design and Development Team

Even though technology lets you do anything yourself, some things are worth hiring experts. Courtesy TrinkerMedia / Flickr Today, there’s such varied and smart technology available that anyone can create whatever they dream up. You can record an album in your home with ProTools, while editing a feature-length film with Final Cut or even iMovie. […]

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