UX Events for the Rest of 2017 (Don’t Miss Out!)

Like other areas in the field of technology, UX trends and best practices constantly evolve. The best UX designers are constantly learning about ways to make the user experience more simple, engaging, and impactful. This year, high profile UX events are bringing together some of the best minds in the industry. If you’re searching for […]


You Need Responsive Web Design, but Do You Know Why?

With the increasing prevalence of devices like smartphones and tablets, websites must be able to adapt quickly to different formats. Some sites simply have separate builds for desktop and mobile. While this approach has some customization benefits, many website creators are turning to responsive design. What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design (RWD) involves […]

Business, Design

The Right Mindset: Capitalize on Color to Increase Conversions

The appropriate use of color in web design could be the difference between drawing visitors in and inadvertently shooing them away. Studies done on color psychology show a correlation between color and mood, giving some shades a unique power over others. Designers can use this information to create brand recognition and bring attention to certain […]


How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finally hitting its stride as technology catches up with imagination. Out of the realm of science fiction and into the eager hands of the masses, AI is quickly revolutionizing the modern business place. From insight-driven ecommerce platforms to innovative alliances with IoT (Internet of Things), AI is making waves that will […]

B2B, Business

How Email Attention Span is Increasing

Email has been a staple of digital marketing for years. The return on the investment is measurable with even moderate effort for most brands. But every marketing professional today knows that one of the biggest challenges for email marketing has been competing with an ever-dwindling reader attention span. For years, the average attention span for […]

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