Building a Focused Microsite for a Major Law Firm Advising in the Insurtech Space

Willkie Insurtech Microsite Development


Insurtech is a rapidly growing market sector that has been bringing excitement and innovation to the insurance industry through technology, and is expected to be a 10.14 billion dollar industry by 2025.

Willkie has been advising Insurtech companies from the beginning and has led the way through their contributions to key regulatory, legislative, technological, and commercial initiatives.
Due to the rapidly growing market, Willkie sensed an opportunity to highlight the work their Insurtech group was doing through a focused microsite. We partnered with them to bring to life their vision for a microsite that would give them a dedicated space to spotlight their contributions, insights, reach, events, and team players within the Insurtech industry.

The wanted the microsite to be scalable, flexible, and easy for them to keep up-to-date, so we chose to develop the custom designs on top of the WordPress content management system (CMS). This user-friendly CMS gives Willkie the freedom to create new pages and posts in the future to easily manage the site themselves. At the request of the Willkie marketing team, the site designs were coded on a full-width, fluid grid (vs. a fixed grid), which allows the content to responsively reflow to fill the screen on both large and small devices.

The clean and professional result successfully shines the light on the amazing work their team is doing within the fast paced Insurtech industry. Since it’s launch, the focused approach of this microsite has increased their visibility online and has helped them attract more prospective clients, setting Willkie up to continue to be a leading law firm for companies within the Insurtech space.

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