Creating a Playful Website for a Licensed Toy Design Agency

PhatMojo Design & Development


PhatMojo is a trend-driven toy company that designs and manufactures licensed products with some of the best brands in pop culture and gaming. Working with brands such as The Office, Marvel, and many more, PhatMojo has established themselves as one of the world’s top licensed product management companies in the world.


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PhatMojo needed a website that better represented who they were as a creative
agency, and SPINX was ready to provide a fun experience for visitors.

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PhatMojo now has a website that inspires new businesses to seek their brand
services, and SPINX can point to another one of its creative sites built to date.


Having delivered a site that accomplished PhatMojo’s goal of better representing who they are – a trend-driven, nimble, and clever creative agency - they can now share their new online presence with pride and excitement.

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