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Aiya America - UX strategy and ecommerce website redesign
Amyris - UX strategy & website redesign
Lip Smacker – ecommerce website redesign
Physicians Formula 2016 - site design refresh
wet n wild – UX & website design refresh
Neossance -  web application development
Quinn Emanuel – UX & corporate site redesign
Physicians Formula 2015 – annual ecommerce site design refresh
Black Radiance – UX & website redesign
Taskiss – web application development
Agency 2.0 – UX strategy & website design
Freedom Innovations – UX & corporate website design

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We are a state-of-the-art creative digital marketing & website design agency in Los Angeles. Our digital craftsmen create everything with vivid imagination and technology.

At SPINX Digital, we pride ourselves in what we do. We handcraft digital for our clients’ specific needs and deliver precisely to establish their brand consistency.

Our team remains innovative and committed. Whatever's new in the tech world, we're ahead of it. Be it web design and development, digital strategy, mobile design and development including mobile application, planning and advertising, social media, CMS plus interactive, direct and email marketing.

SPINX Digital – An Interactive &

Professional Web Design Company in Los Angeles

Handcrafting Fresh Digital Every Day

We Believe In The

Big Idea

Expertise of Spinx Digital

We Believe
in insight



1. connect

you + Spinx +
the audience

We believe the most effective connections are emotional. People know it when they feel it.

Our interactive web design agency helps you connect with your audience in exciting and engaging ways. We focus on your success by defining your needs and achieving your goals.

intelligence + experience


2. create

+ experience

Our professional web design team collaborates to develop the best strategies and inspired solutions for your brand.

We leverage intelligence and technology as we create great experiences. Just like every brand is unique, every digital initiative needs to be a customized approach.

the past + the future


3. evolve

the past +
the future

What matters to us is not just what we’ve done in the past, but what we’ll be doing next. We believe in looking towards the future with our clients.

Our creative digital agency creates engaging and intuitive website designs to establish your online presence. We’ve found brands are like people; they need to breathe, grow and evolve.

We Believe in

We Believe in
Your Brand

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