What is Parallax Scrolling Web Design? | Parallax Design Examples

Parallax Scrolling can be stated as a special type of scrolling technique, where the background images move slower than the foreground images. It creates a sense of depth on the 2D website.

What is Parallax Scrolling Web Design? | Parallax Design Examples

What is Parallax Scrolling or Parallax Scrolling web design?

Parallax Scrolling is one of the most trending web design techniques that give the experience to remember. It is a trend that a lot of Web design companies are going to recommend to you these days. Before you go ahead with their suggestion, it is important for you to know a little bit about Parallax Scrolling for yourself. Though a simple motion, it makes websites dynamic and communicative. It involves the creation of different layers of images that moves at different speed when scrolling in a browser. Also, the programmers can design self-determining parts of an image that moves and is usually a character or avatar which is mobile on a given digital landscape.

New to web design technology,
The parallax effect involves moving background and foreground images at varying speeds to create the illusion of 3D depth (of course, nothing shy of a third dimension would make a web user pay attention these days) which is why you only want the best digital marketing companies providing you with this service. The trend is already picking up with a number of major players in the industry. Brands like Nike, Oakley (pictured above), and numerous others are already capitalizing on parallax scrolling sites by providing their users with a more rewarding, more memorable web experience.

Parallax Scrolling: A Brief Introduction

Fact: compelling design improves visitor perception of your website. Today’s web users require a more dynamic experience to stave off boredom and reduce the “back button” impulse. There’s no better way to wrangle their short attention spans than through parallax web design, one of the smartest and most engaging forms of a website redesign. But just as every coin has two sides, there are pros and cons to parallax scrolling that the curious-minded should be well aware of. So sit back and relax as we show you a revolutionary new design element’s winning traits and just how it is re-shaping the web, , so much so that it is topping the list of the most in-demand website redesign services for top brands across the world.

Parallax design example

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Top 3 examples of parallax scrolling website design:

beargrylls website - Parallax website example
diesel - Parallax website example
firewatchgame - Parallax website example


When Flash was king, we thought we’d reached web animation Mecca. But there were a couple of flaws: Primarily, Flash wasn’t search engine friendly. It was not something that the best SEO agencies were recommended for your brand’s visibility online. Another downfall? One “tech giant,” which is better at branding its own products than it is at creating a truly integrated technological experience, didn’t include Flash on its mobile devices. So, to bypass those pitfalls, we use HTML 5, jQuery, CSS3, JavaScript, and various other technologies to product parallax scrolling (as with the site we created for RBC Records).

RBC-Records-Parallax website

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Advantages and Uses of Parallax Scrolling Websites

1. For Product Sites

As the flashy new kid on the block, parallax web design has no difficulty wowing new site visitors, especially if you are a well-established brand or site that receives a lot of traffic from specific product keywords. Check out Bagigia, who uses oversized product photos with revealing angles to deliver high-impact conversation points (and conversion points).


Bagigia - Product Parallax web Design webite

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2. Supercharged Design + User Experience

I know we like to think of ourselves as advanced creatures of evolution, but let’s face it: just like birds, we’re distracted by bright, shiny things (especially as web consumers), and parallax web design is the new piece of foil we’ve picked up for our bird’s nest. Nintendo Australia isn’t making it any easier for us to focus with easily one of the coolest use of parallax we’ve seen on the web to date. The scrolling feature they employ reveals full-sized pages and content as users are drawn into and along their site for Mario Kart.

Nintendo Australia - User Experience

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3. Reduce Bounce Rate

For those of you who don’t know, the bounce rate indicates the number of visitors who visit your site and hit the dreaded Back button before exploring any other pages on your site. Needless to say, a high bounce rate negatively impacts your site’s ranking. So here’s the smart bit: a parallax website already has a reduced bounce rate built in by virtue of it being a one-page, scrolling site; there simply are no other pages for them to navigate to. On top of that, a parallax website provides a dynamic experience that encourages users to stay on the page longer.

Bounce Rate Feature Image

4. Improved Storytelling

Trends don’t evolve without a few rebels going against the mold. Pioneers of technology are continually pushing the boundaries of contemporary storytelling, so what’s the point of hanging on to outdated methods of presenting products or information? Using parallax scrolling to improve your storytelling grants your users the ability to reveal dynamic content about your products as they navigate the narratives you wish for them to explore. In short, it turns your website into an unforgettable virtual pop-up book that readers won’t want to put down. Take a look at the stunning design over at Activate. They combine an interactive product story with amazing visuals to emphasize the demands of their ideal consumer.

Activate-Drinks-story telling

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5. Generate Natural Backlinks + Social Shares

As any performer will tell you, there’s nothing more shameful than begging people to come to your shows. By the same token, there’s nothing dignified about begging for your backlinks to your site, either. Generating backlinks organically isn’t easy; either your content needs to be fresh and desirable or you have to have an amazing product. But there is a dignified option. Having a parallax website promotes a greater chance of backlinking because its innovative design improves your site’s desirability. Just as we’ve shown off the examples within this post, others will be inclined to do the same to you. Your unique site alone will be a good starting point for generating natural backlinks across the web and creating shares on social media platforms. And the show doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of “cool”?

In Conclusion

Some of the most engaging sites on the web today are doing it up with parallax. It is one of the web development languages that is here to stay for the long haul. Whether you just want a style upgrade or to improve back-end SEO, parallax is a contender for putting you at the forefront of your market. In fact, it’s how we “scroll” too. Pop on over to our slice of internet heaven to see how our site works, or see what we can do for you. And feel free to share some best and worst parallax sites in your comments.

Spinx Website parallax scrolling Example

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